My reasons for liking Twilight, PT 2

14 09 2009

The vampire genre as a whole is different in the Young Adult universe. Sure, there are the “don’t come out until night” kind like with Blood and Chocolate and the Nightworld series by LJ Smith, and a few short stories I’ve read. Most of what I’m seeing today, is the kind where they come out during the day, “Vampire High”, as well as Christopher Pike’s “The Vampire” series. Also with Janice Harell’s small career vampires just don’t like sunlight because it makes them feel weak and powerless and sick.

So, I don’t see what the big fuss with Twilight is. Now, granted I get tired of hearing certain phrazes in the book over and over again, but I only heard a few, twice in the entire thing. I’m sure we all do that.

I guess that’s all I have to say on that.

In a fannish note, I’m very happy to see that LJ Smith is finally (FINALLY! YES!) finishing the Nightworld series. We were left dangling on a thread with what happens next to the characters and where they’re going. Now I want to start over. I’ll wait until January or so if only because it’s not coming out until April 2010.  YES! I guess she had some problems with her home life that interfered. No problem. At least it wasn’t 20 or so years, like, say, stephen king’s finishing of the Dark Tower series.

The only problem I have with such a gap is that people change, their writing styles change. So even if it is the same ending as what she started, it’s going to definitely be different because of the years difference between the two.


My reasons for liking Twilight.

26 08 2009

Let me explain how I came across the book.

Back in the day, in Columbus there were a bunch of malls. One for each side of town and one downtown. I went downtown every so often even in the declining years. That was the easiest one to get to that didn’t take two hours, and it still had a Waldenbooks.

One of my favorite genre’s to read is the young adult section. Always have. I know more about that section than I do the adult section. Sure I read a few books from there, but most of the time I’m in the Young Adult section. (If it’s any indication of the write what you read, that’s all I write apparently.) The only problem I have with that section is that there are TONS of books there that take maybe a day at most to read. I wanted something to read that took a while. Henceforth why I found Twilight. It was a pretty damn big book and I was relieved to have something that would take a while. The last book I read was Thirsty by M.T. Anderson. It wasn’t that good but it wasn’t bad either.

 I started reading this on the bus. See, Twilight had just come out, and this was way before the hype began. Especially with the movies.  To me, it was another vampire novel, and that’s what mattered.

Before we go any further I want to explain something. This is a Young Adult novel. It’s actually a romance novel for teens and ‘tweens.  Which means, it’s not going to play into the normal adult understanding of relationships. Bella’s not an adult, and although he may be a few hundred years older, neither is Edward. At least their relationships are based more on reality than, say, Evermore. The genre is mostly about kids trying to figure out their own way with things with or without the adults. This is not for grownups in children’s bodies.

Let me go on with Evermore. I was reccomended this book by because Evermore was a paranormal story. You’ve got Ever who feels guilty for killing her family in a car crash because she asked her dad to turn around for a sweater. Now because she was the only one to survive, she has these nasty psychich abilities. She moves in with her aunt who just never is around. Ever befriends these two kids, one of them is every flaming gay male stereotype, and the other is a glam goth girl who is just as stocky as the gay kid. There is NO character development and her two friends might as well be cardboard cut outs. She ends up meeting Devon, who the author never does anything with. And when Ever finds a way to cut off her psychic abilities by becoming a drunk, her aunt grounds her and doesn’t even think about unstocking or locking up the liquor cabinet! And she’s never around period.

At least in Twilight we have characters with more than just a carbon cut out. Mike’s a puppydog who wants bella’s affections and actually gets angry at Edward. Jessica is vapid and calculating in her own way, and Bella’s aware of that and uses Jessica against herself. Charlie, her father, can’t cook so Bella cooks for him. He normally eats fish they catch in some lake somewhere, without Bella there. Possibly being hurt by Bella’s mom keeps him from opening up to his feelings. (NONE of this is portrayed in the movie, of course!) Bella does actually get grounded a few times because of Edward. And she does keep to it.

Most of the arguments are for the fact that the reason they can’t go out during the day is because they sparkle. And that doesn’t bother me. The books give it better justice than the movie ever could. It adds to the glamour that Edward has, because it’s actually better than the movie covering him in body glitter. This is where every part of his skin is like stone, with diamonds in it, that reflect back, I always imagined it as looking like shards of crystal on the skin or something similar. I was very dissapointed in the movie because of that. I was like, here we go, then that and I’m like, body glitter… really? Body changes in the vampire myth happen all the time.  So it doesn’t surprize me.

This keyboard is driving me nuts. It’s sticky so it don’t work the way it should and I’m going to stop for right now.

The ultimate Crazy Cat Lady Table

22 08 2009

I was browsing the craigslist ads for Columbus. I do that a lot, actually, and it’s kinda fun (and kinda scary) the things that people think they can get away with selling on there.

This takes the cake.

Now, I love cats, almost obsessively as anyone who reads this blog can tell. I love making up cat stories, I have a few things with cats on them that I cherish dearly. But this, again, takes the cake.

On craigslist today, I happened to find the Ultimate Crazy Cat Lady table. I mean, Ultimate. Imagine this, you have a base for a coffee table, instead of a shelf that holds random copies of TV Guide or motes of dust, this is just four cats. Their ears hold up the table. And that’s not all. The centerpiece… is a ball of yarn!

“Very cute Cat and Yarn coffee table. Very Thick nice glass. The yarn ball opend up for storage. Asking $200 OBO

The table is 46″ x 33 1/2″ and is 17 1/2″ High”

(Sauce by copypasta:

If you don’t believe me…





Suspender Mugging

21 08 2009

Oh wow, it’s been a while since I’ve felt an urgent need to blog. But this is not the time to go into that. Now is the time to explain something.

Over on Murv’s blog, he mentioned a cute story about baggy pink pants and green underwear. (Go check the link out, it’s on the right over there—–>) A lot of people in the comments expressed concern over the possibility of kids getting away with their ass hanging out.

A long time ago, as I was carousing around the Ohio State campus, because this is the youth of tomorrow, they all had baggy pants. The worst wore baggy pants 4 sizes too large, a pair of shorts, a pair of boxers and whitey tidy’s. That’s just too much pants for the 80 degree weather we were having at the time.

So I had a flight of fantasy. In this fantasy I come across Mr. pants-shorts-boxers-tidies on the street. I then tackle him to the ground and while he’s struggling and wriggling around, I’d get out a pair of suspenders and force them on him, making his pants pull up automatically to the right height.

This didn’t stop with that one. Because I saw a worse offender, walking around like a penguin because the waist was about level with his knees, one hand by the crotch to keep them from falling off entirely. I was thinking to myself, <i>Do they know how stupid and challenged they look?</i>

I then imagined getting a spetacularly embarrassing set of suspenders, probably ones that had little sheep on them, or was completely pink and following the hapless kid for a few feet. Then springing on him compeltely and knocking him to the ground, and again, while he’s struggling, throw the suspenders on him.

As I continued into the more sanity-rich Short North, I imagined a crime spree of suspender mugging. Headlines would read: “SUSPENDER MUGGER STILL ON LOOSE FOR TIGHT PANTS!”, and “SAGGY PANTS BEATEN BY MYSTERIOUS SUSPENDER MUGGER!”

Then I imagined a bunch of copy-cats.  Kids in fear would wear their pants around their waist in public and still sag at home. Gangs of Suspender Muggers would start up and gang up on kids and plumbers. Their slogan: “Say no to Crack!”

While I was cracking up trying to get to my destination, it still gives me a chuckle every time I see those kids running down the street, hobbling about with one hand on their pants.

My personal Element isn’t Air, earth, water OR Fire (Pt 3/3)

7 08 2009
Now the third part of my (unknown) part series.

Now, we’re all familliar with the visible electromagnetic spectrum. We call it light and color. Our eyes have rods and cones in the back of it that absorb that radiation (yes it is a form of radiation!) and converts it to our brains into the world as we see it. Well, things get fuzzy sometimes for some of us, but the rods and cones are doing their job. It’s the brain not pulling its weight.

And light is facinting in the way it works. It’s got a dual nature, wavecicles. It’s both waves and particles. Well, depending on how/when you look at the light. The basic principles of relativity involve that time slows down when you reach or exceed the speed of light. And that light bends around an object due to gravitational effects on space/time. Oh and obviously energy is mass times the speed of light squared. Meaning, if you were to actually exceed the speed of light, you would in effect be stretched out.

Now outside of that, it’s just amazing that there is zero time in relativity. Zero time. You may be acting normal, but everything around you is frozen in time. (Ala the movie clockstoppers, it’s a kids movie but you get the point.)

A lot of myths in our time, Judeo-christian, hindu, some native american tribes (but don’t quote me on that) and a bunch of myths and legends and stories at least around the idea of god involve the fact that god is light. And that we are light so we are god as well.

Maybe you can see where I’m going with this.

1. light is timeless
2. it’s everywhere at once
3. if you take the same equation and flip it backwards mass is energy, energy is also in relation to light.
4. if we are mass, then we are made of light as well, therefore we are god.

Now the brain theory. Electromagnetic charges flip when neurons are firing using chemicals in the brain as a conductor. So, are we conscious or are the neurons conscious as they recieve the information of our body. I mean, my consciousness seems to be an awareness of my outer surroundings based off of previous experience.

The common “I” connundrum applies. Who is this “I” that I am relating to right now? Philosophers have been going over that one for ages. What is consciousness? Would it be some spirit or animus? Would it be just a collection of data recieved from electrical impulses from our nervous system into the limbic system into the other parts of the brain that deal with each and integrates them all? Would it be the brain that is consciousness?

Interestingly enough nerology asks this question as well. When you have brain damage (we know this from personal experience) personality changes. So is the brain the one controlling the personality? Everybody’s brain chemistry is different. Would that be the rise in the development of tastes? How one person could love peas, but another think that it makes them gag? If this is consciousness, is that all?

I think that if our neurons and nervous system are sending information in the form of electrical pulses. And that maybe our consciousness is just electric. And if that’s true, then that would be why people go back to the light when they die, according to some people.

My personal Element isn’t Earth, air, fire OR water…. (PT2/3)

6 08 2009

Well we might as well go on about solar cycles since I mentioned it before. The sun goes through cycles, just like the moon only longer. The sun is at exactly 11 years. It goes kinda in a wave, where it builds up and is at the peak (with the largest ammount of CME’s on record. In fact 2001/2002 was also a big year for CME’s because we were at the peak) around the seventh and eight year before decellerating. I find it interesting that the astrologers long before even knowing about them had already come up with that in their models of how the unvierse is run around the earth. We just left solar year 23 and are going into solar year 24. (Why those years, I have no idea.)

This is taking a long time to write because I get curious about something or i can’t remember off the top of my head so I look it up on wikipedia. LOL And one link leads to another….

But what I find interesting is that the sun cycles always are in 11 years. Which means that the beginning of a solar year would be the beginning of a new astrological sign. I should research into this further because this is digressing.

Going back to energy. We know energy as that thing that makes spells work, that tingly feeling we get when we enter a place that tells us if it’s a good place or a bad place. That thing you do where you move your hands back and forth. But what really is that. Some say it’s the life force, some say it’s just random energy from the world around us. I say both.

It’s actually been proven that people have an electromagnetic field. Some people happen to be good at reading them and call them ‘auras’. Beleive it or not, I can’t. I just can’t grasp it and end up with retnal burn isntead. I think this electromagnetic field could be read in what’s called elf’s. Extremely low magnetic fields. Which means, we are directly using electricity. Go figure, eh? Which explains the electrical properties we all seem to experience when working magick.

What I think as well, with the indians (the real indians, not native americans) and their chakra system, it’s based on the meridian line of our EMF. So when we’re manipulating or pulling energy through our fields that’s what’s happening. I think it’s funny that vital organs are at each of the different chakras as well.

Okay chopping this up again, because I have another heady thought coming along as well, one that I’ve never explained to anyone because I’ve mostly had to go back and explain everything again, but we have a firm grasp of some of the things I”ve been trying to say, so more of it’s to come.

My personal Element isn’t Earth, air, fire OR water…. (PT1/3)

5 08 2009

So, in a nutshell, I am exceedingly sensitive to electricity. It’s been there forever, with isolated incidents standing out in my mind, but the most recent information I must start with first.

I think my actual research into my heightened sensitivity came around oh, 2002 or so. I was on PaganNation talking about how ‘intense’ things have been getting synchronistically and magickally in my life. A friend of mine, who also happened to be a ham radio operator, mentioned something about it being high time for sunspots. I’d noticed a small coorelation before because I was signed up with and they would tell us about the sunspot activity (Or coronal mass ejections-CME’s for short and that’s what I’m going to call them from here on out.) normally about the most intense periods of my life.

Just a refresher before I continue. For those who don’t know, CME’s/Sunspots are like hooks. Imagine the sun as we all do, a big ball of gas with spikes coming off of it. The spikes are electrons as we pretty much are watching a chemical reaction take place. CME’s start with a dark spot on the sun, (a.k.a sunspots haha!) that builds because of the charging of hydrogen into helium. Hydrogen has one electron, helium has two. So it causes a flare up in the sun (much like heartburn) which shoots out into space. And us, being as close as we are, would actually get it spread across our atmosphere. Guess what causes the arora borealis and the arora austrialis? Solar winds caused by flares from the sun hitting our electromagnetic field and atmosphere and bouncing off.

When I started noticing this pattern for real, marking down my intense periods plus seeing if I got another spaceweather bulletin about CME’s. It was amazingly accurate. But the problem is that wasn’t as reliable as it seemed, because they would only report on that if there wasn’t something else going on at the time. So, in one of their bulletins was a notice about a web site that not only predicted the sun cycles (yes, just like the moon, the sun has cycles–more on that in a minute… it also goes with another thought or theory.) but also told us when CME’s would happen.

It would measure the sunspot activity and watch the flares (because sunspots create a lot of flares-yay atmosphere saving us!) and I would note the intense parts of my life and notice the pattern. And it’s all part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

I almost forgot what I was going on about… ahh yes…. continuing on.

That was only part of it. As amazed as I was I began to apply it to other things.

When I was a kid, I would know when storms were coming, the ionization of the air around me made the hairs on my arms and face raise in goosebumps. I’d get really hyper too, more like excited. This would happen about an hour before a thunderstorm. When the storm came, it would flood through me. Especially if there was lightening. Even if there wasn’t lightening there was still an electrostatic charge in the air that I would be able to physically feel. When I was a child, I used to be scared of thunderstorms for the exact same reason. And as an adult I can still feel the effects of a coming storm or continuing storm.

TV’s, especially the old CRT (cathode ray tubes) models would do the same thing, when they turned on there was a high-pitched electromagnetic squeal that some people could not hear but I heard it every time. Even with these newer models (that aren’t lcd) I can still hear it. I can freak people out because of it. I can walk into a well lit room with a tv turned so I can’t see the front of it and tell if it’s on or not, picture or not, because of that sound, and the fact I again, can feel it.

Friends of mine would use a laser mouse on the computer. Hell, I do too, but i don’t use myself as a mousepad unless I really have to, like they do. Because I can feel the laser, it’s like a warm sensation. And it’s probably not good because of the ammounts of UV radiation. (at least they’re not different kind of lasers- like class 3 lasers that could properly remove and lacerate a limb. They’re also used in lasroscopy surgery, and is where our basic quantum theory comes from.)

While we’re mentioning odd electric phenomenon. When I have a touch screen phone, yes, it feels ‘sticky’ to me because of that, the same with those touch lamps that you turn off or on by touching one of the metal bits.

All of this, I reflected on as I thought about it. And it was brought to the forefront today when I was at COSI for a job fair (Squee, free admission to cosi! what a geek dream for me!) What interested me was in the old time place. They had that one machine thing, where it was two suspended metal rods with electricity arcing between them. My brain can’t remember what it was called. And no, it’s not a van degraff machine, nor a tesla coil. (Edit: it’s a jacob’s ladder. Found out via youtube.)

Either way, I was about two feet away from the thing and the kids were playing with it. There was a button you pushed to make it work, and it would arc electricity until it ‘popped’ at the end. I was afraid to even go that close to it. Sure, it wouldn’t have electrified me ala “Powder” but it was pretty intense.

Okay part two coming up after this… I want to break it up so that way you can get a cup of coffee, something to eat, possibly go absorb my background information before we continue. Besides, I hate on a forum, posting large blocks of text.