25 Questions

2 02 2009

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

Kelli, EscritoraLoquita, since you’re both one of the FEW FEW FEW people who read this thing… guess what? TAG!

1. My favorite seasons are fall, and possibly early summer, when the weather’s nice enough to be hot, but not bad enough to be scortching.

2. i’m addicted to Nostalgia. To the point that I will reminise on something for hours.

3.  I write in my personal journal almost every day. I’ts a habit to be scribbling in it at work.

4. My favorite color is purple, with blue in close second. And I really do like rainbows, for the colors. It’s soothing to see those colors. And they have to be bold. Pastel drives me nuts except in spring.

5. I color coordinate my clothes. You will only see me wearing a blue shirt in winter, red in fall or summer pastel pink in spring or early summer.

6. I believe I inherit traits from my family as parts of my personality. I have my mom’s flair for walking in on an unintentional sale at a store, my dad’s ability to think things through.

7. I love making lists. I will make lists all day of everything. It’s a compulsion. My head is so full of either cotton or static depending on the day that I have to write it down to make sense of the chaos around me and to feel like I have a plan.

8. I have ADD/inattentive type. I was diagnosed at the age of 5. Then rediagnosed at the age of 9 then triple diagnosed again at the age of 12, then diagnosed for the government twice for BVR. I took several different kinds of medication and I was okay for a while. Now I have nothing but my lists to help.

9. I’m at the point I want to settle down. I want my own house. I want to meet someone nice and have a few kids. Marriage is optional as I don’t believe in marriage.

10. I’m so ecclectic in my beliefs that nobody can make sense of me. I draw from everything I come across. It redefines everything.

11. I love writing. Sometimes though, I feel like I’m no good at it, that I’m a hack, and I don’t know what I’m doing (Which that last one is almost all the time, actually).

12. I love my friends, but sometimes when I’m amongst them I feel like I’m by myself and from the outside looking in.

13. No matter where I go I have my own personal soundtrack playing in my head. There isn’t a moment some song isn’t running through my head. it’s a compulsion. Which is why I have the radio on continually.

14. I drive better with the radio on than with it off. Which is probably why I had problems with BOTH of my driving tests.

15. I catch the small things that other people don’t in life. They’d much rather look ahead than what’s around them.

16. I suffer from SAD’s Seasonal Affective Disorder. Winter makes me crazy, although I love it.

17.  I love traditions. I try to keep them. Mainly for reasons stated in number 7. I feel rooted in something.

18. I try to keep to doing the same things on the same nights at the same time. I feel saner. It doesn’t always work out that way though. (Sundays are supposed to be my rest day!)

19. Although I hate COTA sometimes, I miss riding the bus, just for the camraderie of some of the people you meet on there.

20. I’m sold on Corelle dishes for the rest of my life. These unbreakable dishes ROCK my SOCKS!

21. I’m a consummate geek. I love Heroes, I love Hiro’s own storyline as he’s the one I easliy identify with. I love japanese culture. (Might as well just say the entire culture, I love everything, from the macha obsession to blood type personality tests, etc.) I love computers a lot, I game old school systems, I read a lot of sci-fi and fantasy and horror.

22. I sometimes hear certain songs and it reminds me of certain people. Right now, modest mouse just came on the radio and I happened to think about my friend Stephen. I miss him like the dickens when the two songs come on, then I try to think about something else, or I get too sad.

23. I get mad at music videos for not being what I’m seeing in my head. This is why music videos are going down the hole. They used to be better.

24.  I have an obsession with carabiners. I use them to clip EVERYTHING to everything else. They’re AWESOME!

25. I sometimes go to Target, even when I don’t have money as for some odd reason, Target makes me think of how I can improve my life by mainly modifying what they have to my own needs. Oh and I love going down the ‘art’ section to see how I can do things myself. In fact this reminds me of the “Map of Paris I need to do with my map of Columbus I want to add to the walls.