Just as an FYI…

15 06 2010

The internet is funnier when you’re drunk.

This was a Chaoticpix93 Public Service Announcement. That is all.



Breaking Dawn: Take Two!

20 05 2010

Okay, so I have been beyond broke for books right now. I really have been in the mood lately to curl up with some books and read. So I ended up rereading a few things. One thing I reread this weekend was Breaking Dawn.

If you’ve missed me talking about the Twilight fandom and how weird it is to be part of a fandom that has most of it’s membership in the 12-13 years younger than I am. Go through my archives, and read the ones about WHY I like Twilight to begin with!

Anywhos, back on track again.

My first initial reaction to Breaking Dawn was an antithesis to the entire story. She did stop saying “liquid topaz eyes’ but kept talking about how fantastic everything was which was getting on my nerves, but it wasn’t that interesting. Things for the characters have changed and she wanted to wrap everything up with a pretty little bow. I really got annoyed with that because not all stories need a happy ending. Jake should be tormented the rest of his life by the decisions Bella has made.

The fight with the vulturi was such an anticipation throughout the entire series. I kept imagining how it would play out in both scenarios (one where Bella’s a vampire, one she’s not…) and came up with some parts where it would end in bloodshed and tears. But that never came about, there was a bunch of talking, maybe a few cheap shots and it was over. And there was no fighting. And bella would go on being happy dappy the rest of her days.

Toward the present:

I still don’t like how neatly everything in the plot worked out. I’m not a firm believer in happy endings and some of the part in it is very deus ex machima.  I think at least some of the caracters are believeable, at least her secondary characters.

I think a lot of the things happened rapidly because I read the book rapidly and didn’t read much into time sequence. The reread allowed me to see connections and logical leaps that characters made, even if in some places they were completely out of character and I gritted my teeth against them. (That’s where some of the deus ex machima came from.)

I had  problems with Aro trying to stall a fight that Caius obviously wanted to happen very much.  I mean, they all didn’t come off as the best guys in the universe in any of the books; and all of a sudden I’m supposed to have compassion for what seemed to be a very ancient and corrupt rulling class? If you’ve only seen the movies, sure Aro comes off as this guy who has just seen a very facinating puzzle he just can’t put down until he solves it. In the books he’s this frighteningly scary guy who wants everyone to become part of the vulturi because he wants to study them and bend them to the Vulturi’s ways.  This really jarred my sense of bewilderment.

As far as Jake and Bella. I think that was also contrived. Jake should have taken off, I’m sure Leah and Seth would have followed him, but I’m sure it would have been certain heartache to Jake. He’d been bested, he should have known that. And Bella was a stupid foolish/selfish person who thought she could have all of it. Eventually he would have gotten over it. Even if he was a shape-shifter.

Another contrivance that irked me was Bella’s sudden transformation into vampirism goes off without a hitch. I’m talking NONE. We’re told from the beginning, “‘newborns’ are very hard to control, they’re very powerful, they can’t be stopped but they’re very supid and sluggish when it comes to fighting.” Going on about how unruly they are, pulling Jasper into account as the newest of the Cullens and this is heightened in New Moon with bella’s finger cut (causing a few months of pain for her). Then all of a sudden, they’re not so bad, and hey, Bella is a frigging natural at all of it. The only possible reason I could fathom goes all the way back to the first pages of Twilight where Bella faints at the sight of blood in Biology.

Renesmee. First off, I HATE that name. Second off, I really hate the vampire child notion period. I’d read finally the part where Bella of all people came up with the idea. First. Women can’t have babies because they’re stuck in a state of flux from when they were first created. Males however are entirely still potent as their physiology doesn’t change. And even then this is only a theory. Still more supposition from everybody else in the book later on. If the body is in stasis from the moment of siring, then men shouldn’t have the ability to create sperm.

Back to the baby though: The baby has to be perfect of course. And it has to grow up exceptionally fast (what’s with the growth spurt thing? Jake doesn’t grow up, he just gets bigger. Renesmee is actually growing up.) Outside of that the kid shows no signs of having any kind of growing period at all. She’s suddenly able to walk and talk with no problems at all. None.  With perfect grammar and sentence structure. I’ve learned a lot about writing from writing and listening to people talk. People, they don’t talk right. (they talk more like the previous sentence.)

Other than Bella’s Mary Sue-ism carrying over into the vampire kingdom it’s just the same thing. Overall there’s enough compelling characters in there to read (and I create my own inflections with, and change the sentence structure with) that I don’t mind. It’s a satisfactory conclusion, tidying up loose ends with a satin ribbon on top for cuteness. Everybody gets their happy ending.

Looking up: Day 4.

4 05 2010

Hah, I have lasted this long!

I’ve looked up to people as much as anyone else. I love Rachel Ray, Paula Deen, Murv, Dorothy. I really do look up to them. Hoping one day to look them in the eye (to overuse a metaphore and confuse a different one entirely.) I also look up to sucessful people who are doing good.

god, this is crap. I’m posting this and calling it a day!

Day Three: Um. Okay. Clouds

3 05 2010

Looking up today, I realize we have no clouds in the sky. I guess that’s because of either low pressure or high pressure. I have completely forgotten about that kind of stuff about now.

I think a lot of people forget that the best sights are when you look up at the sky. Sunsets with brilliant golds and reds turning orange and pinkish and red and finally into the deep dark purple and navy of the night sky. The eerie cadescense that happens right before a storm. The greenish light of a bad storm coming. People can tell a lot from just looking at the sky. Even now, I can tell that we are going to be in a warming trend for a while because of how blue the sky is.  It’s always a deeper blue in winter than in summer because of temperature.

When it comes to night, I’d love to be able to see the stars. But in Columbus there’s so much light pollution that I can’t even see the big dipper anymore. Just one night star in the sky. Possibly the north star. I mean, I can listen to the perseid meteor shower on the am band of the radio, and at spaceweather.com; but that’s NOTHING compared to being able to see them firsthand as we pass through their field. Reminds me that we’re not as stationary in the night sky as we think.

As Columbus expands outward as it’s doing, urban sprawl, there’ll be nowhere left to see the night sky. And that makes me sad. As Polaris gets built up more and more, the light pollution from that and the two subsequent bright as hell car lots on the way are causing Perkins Observatory over in Delaware Ohio to be put in jeopardy. Light pollution is killing more and more of their field every day. (And so is funding apparently after a good google search.)

I guess that’s enough looking up today. I’ll be back tomorrow.

I’ve already forgotten NaBloMo! “Looking Up”

2 05 2010

Okay, to start off, I guess my life is starting to look up. So I guess I’ll have to do two today then.

To start off, I’m going to MarCon. And I have gotten the requested days off from work so that I can par-tay! WOOT!

Second is that I might have my desktop back in working order again. THANK YOU GABE! You have NO idea what this means to me!  Ever since it broke I’ve been down about having a computer I could blast music from. Plus it’s my entertainment center! It plays tv shows and movies and such which is why I got rid of my actual TV/DVD/VCR.

I’ve applied to a few new jobs, and I’m awaiting a status from them. So if I get a better job it’ll be better than the number crunching I do every year.

We’re getting rain, which is what the world needs right now. Rain can be a good thing, if we’re looking up at the sky.

So that’s my first post of NaBloMo!


27 01 2010

Again, I haven’t been here in ages. Yep.

My life lately can be summed up into facebook shout outs right now. I mean, my life is so exciting. Of course, I might find the exciting in the banal existence of a wal-mart employee (customer service-to boot!), but people know my real name on here (I have a writing blog because I have my name parked on wordpress.) Writing about a job could hurt someone. Mainly me.

Either way, as a side note. My brother has been staying with me at the moment, with his three kids. Now, the thing is because they’re here, the kids have been bringing home lots of books from the library and such. Things that I know they wouldn’t really read (they’re not big on reading), and they bring them home in droves. The thing is that I will sit down and read them and I’ve kind of gotten a kind of addiction to them.

What amazes me, some people can write huge tomes of books (think: war and peace, gone with the wind, etc.) and still make you feel like you’re being beaten over the head with everything the plots, the characters and overarching story developments. These middle readers or even younger than that are quick, and easy, yet hold so much characterization and story in them it astounds me.

There are some, that are actually terrible. Both in characterization, motivation, and even story with plot holes that you could drive a truck through–kids aren’t that stupid.And there’s some you like enough you wish it were a series.

Like for example, I just read Radiance Descending. about a kid who has a brother with Downs. Not a bad premise, normally, and it does show how the family has to make adjustments to the kid, but their reactions are all wrong. The main character is supposed to be older in every passing scene yet the parents reactions don’t change and the character has minimal if any development. GAH! Characters need to grow and modify for anyone to stay interested in a story.

And there’s the Amber Brown series. Awesome series if you ask me. She changes, she adapts, she grows, her parents do different things and change and adapt. All in the time it takes me to go to the bathroom. I feel like i”ve been part of their world for a little bit.

Well, I guess that’s it from here. Gonna go file my taxes.


Ahh, My Favorite Season

4 10 2009

This marks the beginning of my favorite season:

The weather gets colder, chilly. It’s cloudy a lot. The leaves change, pumpkins are in season. NaNoWriMo starts up. Apples are eaten, cider is made, candy is consumed. Yes, my favorite season. I’ll watch horror movies and get out my writing movies, like “Stranger than Fiction”.

I’m watching it now. Who hasn’t had the though if, books they read, the characters would have been alive? Who hasn’t, as a writer, imagined their story characters coming to life? It’s amazing to think about. Kinda scary as well. If I were to meet some of the people I’ve written up, and the things that I”ve put them through, it scares me. It really does. Although some of them I’d like to hang out with.

As per usual, it’d be great if life were like the writers I see in movies. Agents who are taking you out to dinner all the time, or calling you if you’re stuck. Publishers who actually want to meet you all the time. They don’t show anything about how much time you spend at the computer actually writing and editing a novel. I guess because it’s not worthy of actually moving a holywood movie along. Even in newer shows they’re obsessed with the writer hunched over a typewriter instead of a computer screen.

Any creative endeavor is seen as soemthing as odd and exotic when it’s hard fucking work. I’m not going to lie. Anything worth doing is worth doing right. And anything doing right is work.