“If you are seeing This, The Digital Transition has Passed you By”

13 06 2009

I had a nice evening, I turned on the TV and waited. I watched Channel 10 show a warning about the digital revolution, and waited. Aproximately 11:57, channel 4 was gone, by 12:00 10 and channel 6 were gone.

Channel 6 is telling us how to use the digital converter box, and I’m smiling. I watched channel 10 go from tv, to black, to static. I watched channel 6 go from the end of Seinfield to this converter alert system. It even conveniently had a timer at the top of the screen counting down. I counted down with it.  (“If you are seeing this message, your tv is not ready for the digital transition”… random stuff… “IF you are seeing this message, then your tv is not ready for the digital transition.”

I want to tape this, just for posterity. So the kids can watch this and go “Hey, this is cool. This is what they were talking about when they did when the TV went digital.”

I wonder when they’re going to do it for the radio.

Oh now I get to listen to it in hablo espanol. ayayay!


Senbazuru, and a panic.

27 05 2009

If you haven’t heard from me in a while it’s because one of two things.

They are coming in to our apartments to change the filters on the air conditioners. I have been FRANTICALLY cleaning the apartment since 7:00 last night trying to get it in tip top shape for the maintanence department to come through. Oh boy do they talk in this building. Thank gods it’s not as bad as others , though.

Amazingly enough, I got a lot done in that small time frame. I cleaned the livingroom last night, and it looked good, a little shabby (I hadn’t gone and vacuumed or swept, just picked up everything.) but I did that tonight.

I have a bitchy kitten who needs to go potty. Oh well, I’ll get that later.

Either way, the other reason why I’ve been so busy is that I have been making a Senbazuru. I am folding 1,000 paper cranes and then this first batch is a donation (I think that the wish should go to something positive in the world before focusing on me. Especially since I might ship it to Hiroshima.

The second Senbazuru that I”m doing is going to be for a wish for myself, or my family or friends or all three at once.

I have gotten so into the habit of folding cranes at work that I got another ‘occurance’ at work, and within seconds it became a folded crane. It’s my little mascot. LOL My friend Tammy saw it and goes, “I Just got one the other day, can you fold it for me?” And so I made her one. Now I have a feeling there will be more of them. There’ll be thousands of yellow paper cranes floating around the call center.

Welcome, Astrid… A long overdue introduction

2 05 2009

They say that cats are untrainable. Sure they’re trainable! Have you ever clicked a can of cat food to have them come to you? And there are plenty of people that don’t admit that their cats fetch.  In that vein, I am teaching my cat, Astrid to come.

Here she is in full training gear:


I’ll have more pictures, she’s coming with me to gallery hop. 🙂 plus I’ll personally shoot the wordpress image gallery for being so bulky and ugly.

My journey to Crazy Cat Lady (Intro)

18 03 2009

When I was a little girl about eight years old, my dad got a new car, and hidden in the seats was a book that whomever forgot about. In that book contained the story of a man named Peter Gethers, and his scottish fold cat, Norton. It took a lot to pull me out of that book, in fact, we had gone to a festival and I couldn’t be pried away from the book.

The thing that stuck with me, with Norton, was more or less how Peter Gethers talked about his cat, not as if he was a cat, but as if he were a person in his own right. (Which norton is.) I had spent most of my time reading kid stories where pets were just pets, or that spoke and talked human. And Gethers wrote such a fun and awesome story that I have always wanted to emulate.

This is going to be a serial of my experiences with my pets. My cats, my birds, my fish, my dogs, my rats, my hamsters… I’ve had a lot of animals grace my life with their presence. They have had some amazing adventures while with me. 

As I have read Murv’s little foray down the dusty golden path of nostalgia with “Mawrage” etc. I thought I would do something similar. Since I’m turning out nice to be a crazy cat lady, it might as well be this.

And I have to be honest here, I mostly got this idea from all these things but mostly from being bored at work and then writing down all the fun adventures with my cats, and then I thought about sharing this with people on the internet.

A thought before heading to work…

16 02 2009

I am, right at this very minute, from the sale price of my laptop I am 70 dollars and 17 cents away from my laptop.

Here’s the specs according to Microcenter.com:

For a computer of that price, it’s all kinds of awesome! (I like how it has expandable memory slots up to 4 gig!) and it’s all shiny and chrome-looking. Although it’s not as much when I saw it in the store. I’m going to keep it in mind though when I do order it. I’m so excited.

No really, I am.

I’ll be able to do NaNoWriMo on a laptop this year, and not in pen and transcribe (Although I will do that at work, they don’t seem to care when I’m writing, they do however, mind if I read between calls. What can I say? It doesn’t make sense to me either!)

I’m close to using wifi hotspots to check on things, and going places with my laptop. WOOT! it’s awesome!

I’m so close to that!

TTYL I’ve got to get to work.

Weather, On being 25, Work

16 01 2009

My internets are cold. I’m cold. That’s all there is to say about the -3º weather outside.

TV is better when I’m actually listening to it. I can imagine what people sound like.  I can imagine what’s happening.  This is why I listen to Podio books and actually read books instead of actually watching TV.

Speaking of , i’m not ready for the revolution. My TV will be showing hours of static. I keep getting the stupid coupons for the TV converter box only to find out that the coupon’s expired long before I can use it.

I think that I grew up in an amazing generation. We have witnessed a lot of history in our 25 years. I remember sitting with my family watching the berlin wall collapsing on TV. I remember watching the oklahoma bombing, I learned about the internet in ’95 and got my first e-mail account in ’96, to owninig my own computer, and knowing more about computers than the average person.  I watched gas go from 89 cents to 1.00 to all the way to 4.25 and back down again. I saw the twin towers get blasted the first time, and get struck down by planes in 9-11. I’ve seen the burst of the .com bubble as cliched as that word ever is. I saw Y2K go by without a breeze from those who were obsessed with it to the point of stockpiling stuff.

Indeed, those of us who are 25 right now have been through a lot more than we can say.

I am disenfranchised with work. I have been for a while, but it’s more like, I dread going into work every day. I like working with people, but I like doing my own thing as well, so I don’t feel like a drone. I feel like the corporate world doesn’t want happy, productive people, as it does robots who look good in suits while they continually spit on them.

My hours are not helping my spirit at all, in fact I should be getting ready for bed right now instead of blogging. I just don’t have any time anymore for anything. I might see about getting better hours, or hours earlier in the day, and if not, going back down to part-time as I want to go back to school.

10:30 AM-7:00 PM. Yuck.

I’ve been writing, don’t worry, I have been. I’ve started re-writing this one story of mine, maybe not a rewrite as much as a edit. I think I know where I’m going with it now. And if not, I hope to find out soon, or I may not know at all. I really do want to finish working on FOBHS (which is my name of it) and actually get that good ’nuff to go around.

And yes, I know I should be editing, reading over my novel for plot holes large enough to drive a small truck through. Instead I”ve been lounging on the computer, going to that addicting whorehouse known as youtube and watching videos until my eyes droop toward shut. (Plus my hours at work aren’t helping with feeling like I have a job me and an after work me).

And tuesday I’m paying all my bills. Having a five week month is awesome when you’re paid on Fridays.