Morning, fudge, random flashes, COOKIES!

23 12 2008

So it’s morning, not much to this morning, except it’s cold and it is going to get colder!

I made fudge last night. I was dissapointed in the very delicious results. I was dissapointed because I didn’t have the solidity I was hoping for. But it is still very rich and delicious. Plus the directions don’t say how long it should sit out. LOL

I get no hits whatsoever on this blog. I should link myspaz and facehook and my livejournal here. Maybe I’ll get more people here. Instead of me.

In other news, I’ve been cleaning the kitchen, see one of the reasons I made fudge is that I was in the mood to make cookies. And I made fudge because I was tired of the marshmallow fluff sitting around and it had to be used. 

 I’m going to make grandma’s form cookies as well, because that sounds great. My dad made the cookies from his kit and I’ll laugh if they’re even close to grandma’s recipe. She got it from the Columbus Dispatch in 1964 so it involves a bunch of things that you don’t see anymore, like icing made out of egg whites and dissolving the baking soda in milk (they’re form cookies so they’re really like sweetened dough and oh so great!)

I can’t wait. TTYL!