Day Three: Um. Okay. Clouds

3 05 2010

Looking up today, I realize we have no clouds in the sky. I guess that’s because of either low pressure or high pressure. I have completely forgotten about that kind of stuff about now.

I think a lot of people forget that the best sights are when you look up at the sky. Sunsets with brilliant golds and reds turning orange and pinkish and red and finally into the deep dark purple and navy of the night sky. The eerie cadescense that happens right before a storm. The greenish light of a bad storm coming. People can tell a lot from just looking at the sky. Even now, I can tell that we are going to be in a warming trend for a while because of how blue the sky is.  It’s always a deeper blue in winter than in summer because of temperature.

When it comes to night, I’d love to be able to see the stars. But in Columbus there’s so much light pollution that I can’t even see the big dipper anymore. Just one night star in the sky. Possibly the north star. I mean, I can listen to the perseid meteor shower on the am band of the radio, and at; but that’s NOTHING compared to being able to see them firsthand as we pass through their field. Reminds me that we’re not as stationary in the night sky as we think.

As Columbus expands outward as it’s doing, urban sprawl, there’ll be nowhere left to see the night sky. And that makes me sad. As Polaris gets built up more and more, the light pollution from that and the two subsequent bright as hell car lots on the way are causing Perkins Observatory over in Delaware Ohio to be put in jeopardy. Light pollution is killing more and more of their field every day. (And so is funding apparently after a good google search.)

I guess that’s enough looking up today. I’ll be back tomorrow.




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