I’ve already forgotten NaBloMo! “Looking Up”

2 05 2010

Okay, to start off, I guess my life is starting to look up. So I guess I’ll have to do two today then.

To start off, I’m going to MarCon. And I have gotten the requested days off from work so that I can par-tay! WOOT!

Second is that I might have my desktop back in working order again. THANK YOU GABE! You have NO idea what this means to me!  Ever since it broke I’ve been down about having a computer I could blast music from. Plus it’s my entertainment center! It plays tv shows and movies and such which is why I got rid of my actual TV/DVD/VCR.

I’ve applied to a few new jobs, and I’m awaiting a status from them. So if I get a better job it’ll be better than the number crunching I do every year.

We’re getting rain, which is what the world needs right now. Rain can be a good thing, if we’re looking up at the sky.

So that’s my first post of NaBloMo!




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