27 01 2010

Again, I haven’t been here in ages. Yep.

My life lately can be summed up into facebook shout outs right now. I mean, my life is so exciting. Of course, I might find the exciting in the banal existence of a wal-mart employee (customer service-to boot!), but people know my real name on here (I have a writing blog because I have my name parked on wordpress.) Writing about a job could hurt someone. Mainly me.

Either way, as a side note. My brother has been staying with me at the moment, with his three kids. Now, the thing is because they’re here, the kids have been bringing home lots of books from the library and such. Things that I know they wouldn’t really read (they’re not big on reading), and they bring them home in droves. The thing is that I will sit down and read them and I’ve kind of gotten a kind of addiction to them.

What amazes me, some people can write huge tomes of books (think: war and peace, gone with the wind, etc.) and still make you feel like you’re being beaten over the head with everything the plots, the characters and overarching story developments. These middle readers or even younger than that are quick, and easy, yet hold so much characterization and story in them it astounds me.

There are some, that are actually terrible. Both in characterization, motivation, and even story with plot holes that you could drive a truck through–kids aren’t that stupid.And there’s some you like enough you wish it were a series.

Like for example, I just read Radiance Descending. about a kid who has a brother with Downs. Not a bad premise, normally, and it does show how the family has to make adjustments to the kid, but their reactions are all wrong. The main character is supposed to be older in every passing scene yet the parents reactions don’t change and the character has minimal if any development. GAH! Characters need to grow and modify for anyone to stay interested in a story.

And there’s the Amber Brown series. Awesome series if you ask me. She changes, she adapts, she grows, her parents do different things and change and adapt. All in the time it takes me to go to the bathroom. I feel like i”ve been part of their world for a little bit.

Well, I guess that’s it from here. Gonna go file my taxes.





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