Ahh, My Favorite Season

4 10 2009

This marks the beginning of my favorite season:

The weather gets colder, chilly. It’s cloudy a lot. The leaves change, pumpkins are in season. NaNoWriMo starts up. Apples are eaten, cider is made, candy is consumed. Yes, my favorite season. I’ll watch horror movies and get out my writing movies, like “Stranger than Fiction”.

I’m watching it now. Who hasn’t had the though if, books they read, the characters would have been alive? Who hasn’t, as a writer, imagined their story characters coming to life? It’s amazing to think about. Kinda scary as well. If I were to meet some of the people I’ve written up, and the things that I”ve put them through, it scares me. It really does. Although some of them I’d like to hang out with.

As per usual, it’d be great if life were like the writers I see in movies. Agents who are taking you out to dinner all the time, or calling you if you’re stuck. Publishers who actually want to meet you all the time. They don’t show anything about how much time you spend at the computer actually writing and editing a novel. I guess because it’s not worthy of actually moving a holywood movie along. Even in newer shows they’re obsessed with the writer hunched over a typewriter instead of a computer screen.

Any creative endeavor is seen as soemthing as odd and exotic when it’s hard fucking work. I’m not going to lie. Anything worth doing is worth doing right. And anything doing right is work.




One response

12 10 2009

“Inkheart” deals with that same idea … characters from a novel coming to life in the real world. I’ve always wanted to watch “Stranger than Fiction.”

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