My reasons for liking Twilight, PT 2

14 09 2009

The vampire genre as a whole is different in the Young Adult universe. Sure, there are the “don’t come out until night” kind like with Blood and Chocolate and the Nightworld series by LJ Smith, and a few short stories I’ve read. Most of what I’m seeing today, is the kind where they come out during the day, “Vampire High”, as well as Christopher Pike’s “The Vampire” series. Also with Janice Harell’s small career vampires just don’t like sunlight because it makes them feel weak and powerless and sick.

So, I don’t see what the big fuss with Twilight is. Now, granted I get tired of hearing certain phrazes in the book over and over again, but I only heard a few, twice in the entire thing. I’m sure we all do that.

I guess that’s all I have to say on that.

In a fannish note, I’m very happy to see that LJ Smith is finally (FINALLY! YES!) finishing the Nightworld series. We were left dangling on a thread with what happens next to the characters and where they’re going. Now I want to start over. I’ll wait until January or so if only because it’s not coming out until April 2010.  YES! I guess she had some problems with her home life that interfered. No problem. At least it wasn’t 20 or so years, like, say, stephen king’s finishing of the Dark Tower series.

The only problem I have with such a gap is that people change, their writing styles change. So even if it is the same ending as what she started, it’s going to definitely be different because of the years difference between the two.




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