My reasons for liking Twilight.

26 08 2009

Let me explain how I came across the book.

Back in the day, in Columbus there were a bunch of malls. One for each side of town and one downtown. I went downtown every so often even in the declining years. That was the easiest one to get to that didn’t take two hours, and it still had a Waldenbooks.

One of my favorite genre’s to read is the young adult section. Always have. I know more about that section than I do the adult section. Sure I read a few books from there, but most of the time I’m in the Young Adult section. (If it’s any indication of the write what you read, that’s all I write apparently.) The only problem I have with that section is that there are TONS of books there that take maybe a day at most to read. I wanted something to read that took a while. Henceforth why I found Twilight. It was a pretty damn big book and I was relieved to have something that would take a while. The last book I read was Thirsty by M.T. Anderson. It wasn’t that good but it wasn’t bad either.

 I started reading this on the bus. See, Twilight had just come out, and this was way before the hype began. Especially with the movies.  To me, it was another vampire novel, and that’s what mattered.

Before we go any further I want to explain something. This is a Young Adult novel. It’s actually a romance novel for teens and ‘tweens.  Which means, it’s not going to play into the normal adult understanding of relationships. Bella’s not an adult, and although he may be a few hundred years older, neither is Edward. At least their relationships are based more on reality than, say, Evermore. The genre is mostly about kids trying to figure out their own way with things with or without the adults. This is not for grownups in children’s bodies.

Let me go on with Evermore. I was reccomended this book by because Evermore was a paranormal story. You’ve got Ever who feels guilty for killing her family in a car crash because she asked her dad to turn around for a sweater. Now because she was the only one to survive, she has these nasty psychich abilities. She moves in with her aunt who just never is around. Ever befriends these two kids, one of them is every flaming gay male stereotype, and the other is a glam goth girl who is just as stocky as the gay kid. There is NO character development and her two friends might as well be cardboard cut outs. She ends up meeting Devon, who the author never does anything with. And when Ever finds a way to cut off her psychic abilities by becoming a drunk, her aunt grounds her and doesn’t even think about unstocking or locking up the liquor cabinet! And she’s never around period.

At least in Twilight we have characters with more than just a carbon cut out. Mike’s a puppydog who wants bella’s affections and actually gets angry at Edward. Jessica is vapid and calculating in her own way, and Bella’s aware of that and uses Jessica against herself. Charlie, her father, can’t cook so Bella cooks for him. He normally eats fish they catch in some lake somewhere, without Bella there. Possibly being hurt by Bella’s mom keeps him from opening up to his feelings. (NONE of this is portrayed in the movie, of course!) Bella does actually get grounded a few times because of Edward. And she does keep to it.

Most of the arguments are for the fact that the reason they can’t go out during the day is because they sparkle. And that doesn’t bother me. The books give it better justice than the movie ever could. It adds to the glamour that Edward has, because it’s actually better than the movie covering him in body glitter. This is where every part of his skin is like stone, with diamonds in it, that reflect back, I always imagined it as looking like shards of crystal on the skin or something similar. I was very dissapointed in the movie because of that. I was like, here we go, then that and I’m like, body glitter… really? Body changes in the vampire myth happen all the time.  So it doesn’t surprize me.

This keyboard is driving me nuts. It’s sticky so it don’t work the way it should and I’m going to stop for right now.




One response

12 10 2009

Woo-hoo. Another adult who enjoys the Y/A section.

I enjoyed Twilight a lot. I call all those books (Twilight, Vampire Academy, Blue Bloods, House of Night, etc.) Y/A vampire crack, but I mean it with love. Teens and vampires are a winning (and apparently saleable) combination. I hope they keep them coming. Though, I will say, as far as Meyer’s works go, I like The Host the best. It’s shelved in adult, but her writing style is the same — it’s just the ages of the characters that are different.

And, per your other post, I never read L.J. Smith’s Otherworld. I’ll have to give it a shot. I was a big fan of her trilogies when I was actually of an age to read Y/A — I loved Dark Visions, the Forbidden Game, and the Secret Circle. 🙂

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