The ultimate Crazy Cat Lady Table

22 08 2009

I was browsing the craigslist ads for Columbus. I do that a lot, actually, and it’s kinda fun (and kinda scary) the things that people think they can get away with selling on there.

This takes the cake.

Now, I love cats, almost obsessively as anyone who reads this blog can tell. I love making up cat stories, I have a few things with cats on them that I cherish dearly. But this, again, takes the cake.

On craigslist today, I happened to find the Ultimate Crazy Cat Lady table. I mean, Ultimate. Imagine this, you have a base for a coffee table, instead of a shelf that holds random copies of TV Guide or motes of dust, this is just four cats. Their ears hold up the table. And that’s not all. The centerpiece… is a ball of yarn!

“Very cute Cat and Yarn coffee table. Very Thick nice glass. The yarn ball opend up for storage. Asking $200 OBO

The table is 46″ x 33 1/2″ and is 17 1/2″ High”

(Sauce by copypasta:

If you don’t believe me…








One response

8 09 2009

They are worshipping the God of Yarn! LOL

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