My personal Element isn’t Air, earth, water OR Fire (Pt 3/3)

7 08 2009
Now the third part of my (unknown) part series.

Now, we’re all familliar with the visible electromagnetic spectrum. We call it light and color. Our eyes have rods and cones in the back of it that absorb that radiation (yes it is a form of radiation!) and converts it to our brains into the world as we see it. Well, things get fuzzy sometimes for some of us, but the rods and cones are doing their job. It’s the brain not pulling its weight.

And light is facinting in the way it works. It’s got a dual nature, wavecicles. It’s both waves and particles. Well, depending on how/when you look at the light. The basic principles of relativity involve that time slows down when you reach or exceed the speed of light. And that light bends around an object due to gravitational effects on space/time. Oh and obviously energy is mass times the speed of light squared. Meaning, if you were to actually exceed the speed of light, you would in effect be stretched out.

Now outside of that, it’s just amazing that there is zero time in relativity. Zero time. You may be acting normal, but everything around you is frozen in time. (Ala the movie clockstoppers, it’s a kids movie but you get the point.)

A lot of myths in our time, Judeo-christian, hindu, some native american tribes (but don’t quote me on that) and a bunch of myths and legends and stories at least around the idea of god involve the fact that god is light. And that we are light so we are god as well.

Maybe you can see where I’m going with this.

1. light is timeless
2. it’s everywhere at once
3. if you take the same equation and flip it backwards mass is energy, energy is also in relation to light.
4. if we are mass, then we are made of light as well, therefore we are god.

Now the brain theory. Electromagnetic charges flip when neurons are firing using chemicals in the brain as a conductor. So, are we conscious or are the neurons conscious as they recieve the information of our body. I mean, my consciousness seems to be an awareness of my outer surroundings based off of previous experience.

The common “I” connundrum applies. Who is this “I” that I am relating to right now? Philosophers have been going over that one for ages. What is consciousness? Would it be some spirit or animus? Would it be just a collection of data recieved from electrical impulses from our nervous system into the limbic system into the other parts of the brain that deal with each and integrates them all? Would it be the brain that is consciousness?

Interestingly enough nerology asks this question as well. When you have brain damage (we know this from personal experience) personality changes. So is the brain the one controlling the personality? Everybody’s brain chemistry is different. Would that be the rise in the development of tastes? How one person could love peas, but another think that it makes them gag? If this is consciousness, is that all?

I think that if our neurons and nervous system are sending information in the form of electrical pulses. And that maybe our consciousness is just electric. And if that’s true, then that would be why people go back to the light when they die, according to some people.




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