My personal Element isn’t Earth, air, fire OR water…. (PT2/3)

6 08 2009

Well we might as well go on about solar cycles since I mentioned it before. The sun goes through cycles, just like the moon only longer. The sun is at exactly 11 years. It goes kinda in a wave, where it builds up and is at the peak (with the largest ammount of CME’s on record. In fact 2001/2002 was also a big year for CME’s because we were at the peak) around the seventh and eight year before decellerating. I find it interesting that the astrologers long before even knowing about them had already come up with that in their models of how the unvierse is run around the earth. We just left solar year 23 and are going into solar year 24. (Why those years, I have no idea.)

This is taking a long time to write because I get curious about something or i can’t remember off the top of my head so I look it up on wikipedia. LOL And one link leads to another….

But what I find interesting is that the sun cycles always are in 11 years. Which means that the beginning of a solar year would be the beginning of a new astrological sign. I should research into this further because this is digressing.

Going back to energy. We know energy as that thing that makes spells work, that tingly feeling we get when we enter a place that tells us if it’s a good place or a bad place. That thing you do where you move your hands back and forth. But what really is that. Some say it’s the life force, some say it’s just random energy from the world around us. I say both.

It’s actually been proven that people have an electromagnetic field. Some people happen to be good at reading them and call them ‘auras’. Beleive it or not, I can’t. I just can’t grasp it and end up with retnal burn isntead. I think this electromagnetic field could be read in what’s called elf’s. Extremely low magnetic fields. Which means, we are directly using electricity. Go figure, eh? Which explains the electrical properties we all seem to experience when working magick.

What I think as well, with the indians (the real indians, not native americans) and their chakra system, it’s based on the meridian line of our EMF. So when we’re manipulating or pulling energy through our fields that’s what’s happening. I think it’s funny that vital organs are at each of the different chakras as well.

Okay chopping this up again, because I have another heady thought coming along as well, one that I’ve never explained to anyone because I’ve mostly had to go back and explain everything again, but we have a firm grasp of some of the things I”ve been trying to say, so more of it’s to come.




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