My personal Element isn’t Earth, air, fire OR water…. (PT1/3)

5 08 2009

So, in a nutshell, I am exceedingly sensitive to electricity. It’s been there forever, with isolated incidents standing out in my mind, but the most recent information I must start with first.

I think my actual research into my heightened sensitivity came around oh, 2002 or so. I was on PaganNation talking about how ‘intense’ things have been getting synchronistically and magickally in my life. A friend of mine, who also happened to be a ham radio operator, mentioned something about it being high time for sunspots. I’d noticed a small coorelation before because I was signed up with and they would tell us about the sunspot activity (Or coronal mass ejections-CME’s for short and that’s what I’m going to call them from here on out.) normally about the most intense periods of my life.

Just a refresher before I continue. For those who don’t know, CME’s/Sunspots are like hooks. Imagine the sun as we all do, a big ball of gas with spikes coming off of it. The spikes are electrons as we pretty much are watching a chemical reaction take place. CME’s start with a dark spot on the sun, (a.k.a sunspots haha!) that builds because of the charging of hydrogen into helium. Hydrogen has one electron, helium has two. So it causes a flare up in the sun (much like heartburn) which shoots out into space. And us, being as close as we are, would actually get it spread across our atmosphere. Guess what causes the arora borealis and the arora austrialis? Solar winds caused by flares from the sun hitting our electromagnetic field and atmosphere and bouncing off.

When I started noticing this pattern for real, marking down my intense periods plus seeing if I got another spaceweather bulletin about CME’s. It was amazingly accurate. But the problem is that wasn’t as reliable as it seemed, because they would only report on that if there wasn’t something else going on at the time. So, in one of their bulletins was a notice about a web site that not only predicted the sun cycles (yes, just like the moon, the sun has cycles–more on that in a minute… it also goes with another thought or theory.) but also told us when CME’s would happen.

It would measure the sunspot activity and watch the flares (because sunspots create a lot of flares-yay atmosphere saving us!) and I would note the intense parts of my life and notice the pattern. And it’s all part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

I almost forgot what I was going on about… ahh yes…. continuing on.

That was only part of it. As amazed as I was I began to apply it to other things.

When I was a kid, I would know when storms were coming, the ionization of the air around me made the hairs on my arms and face raise in goosebumps. I’d get really hyper too, more like excited. This would happen about an hour before a thunderstorm. When the storm came, it would flood through me. Especially if there was lightening. Even if there wasn’t lightening there was still an electrostatic charge in the air that I would be able to physically feel. When I was a child, I used to be scared of thunderstorms for the exact same reason. And as an adult I can still feel the effects of a coming storm or continuing storm.

TV’s, especially the old CRT (cathode ray tubes) models would do the same thing, when they turned on there was a high-pitched electromagnetic squeal that some people could not hear but I heard it every time. Even with these newer models (that aren’t lcd) I can still hear it. I can freak people out because of it. I can walk into a well lit room with a tv turned so I can’t see the front of it and tell if it’s on or not, picture or not, because of that sound, and the fact I again, can feel it.

Friends of mine would use a laser mouse on the computer. Hell, I do too, but i don’t use myself as a mousepad unless I really have to, like they do. Because I can feel the laser, it’s like a warm sensation. And it’s probably not good because of the ammounts of UV radiation. (at least they’re not different kind of lasers- like class 3 lasers that could properly remove and lacerate a limb. They’re also used in lasroscopy surgery, and is where our basic quantum theory comes from.)

While we’re mentioning odd electric phenomenon. When I have a touch screen phone, yes, it feels ‘sticky’ to me because of that, the same with those touch lamps that you turn off or on by touching one of the metal bits.

All of this, I reflected on as I thought about it. And it was brought to the forefront today when I was at COSI for a job fair (Squee, free admission to cosi! what a geek dream for me!) What interested me was in the old time place. They had that one machine thing, where it was two suspended metal rods with electricity arcing between them. My brain can’t remember what it was called. And no, it’s not a van degraff machine, nor a tesla coil. (Edit: it’s a jacob’s ladder. Found out via youtube.)

Either way, I was about two feet away from the thing and the kids were playing with it. There was a button you pushed to make it work, and it would arc electricity until it ‘popped’ at the end. I was afraid to even go that close to it. Sure, it wouldn’t have electrified me ala “Powder” but it was pretty intense.

Okay part two coming up after this… I want to break it up so that way you can get a cup of coffee, something to eat, possibly go absorb my background information before we continue. Besides, I hate on a forum, posting large blocks of text.




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