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1 08 2009

So, things are getting desparate at the Chao household. I will admit it’s all my fault really. I couldn’t have timed things worse in my life. Plus, unemployment is unwilling to pay me any kind of money, so I’m kinda up the creek, if youknow what I mean.

However, if you are kind enough, and find this blog worthy enough, there’s a new donation paypal link right on the side. If I were a nonprofit (or nonprophet) you’d get a tax credit for it, unfortunately I’m just one person.

Your money would be spent wisely. Food for me, food for the cats (and litter), rent, utilities, insurance and gas for the car. Just the basic anemities until I get back on my feet with a job.

If everyone who visits my blog within a month gives just one dollar, I’d have enough to cover rent for the month!

And thanks in advance!




One response

2 08 2009

Have you heard of AdBrite? AdBrite is an advertising solution that gives you the option of creating an ad that pops up after a certain number of page loads, even if the visitor doesn’t click on the ad. They also have a bunch of other options for advertising that can help.

I’ve been using their service for a long time and even though it doesn’t bring in a ton of money, it can help.


Just a suggestion. I’d give you a dollar if I had one to spare, too.

Thomas 🙂

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