Phone tag? Don’t you have to know the person?

25 07 2009

Yes, and no.

Today’s adventure was brought to you by REVOL wireless.

I get the normal new number stuff, advertisments telling me that my car insurance is no longer valid, that someone’s trying to get ahold of Leona Lewis (is this the same Leona Lewis? They say she’s a singer, but I don’t know. ) , to the point that I put a notice on my voicemail. “Thank you for calling My cellphone this is no longer leona lewis’s phone. please update all contact information for her.”

But today has been epic. Epic win with awesomesauce on the side.

And it all started with a Text Message.

I happened to be watching a movie when I hear my text message beep. I look at it and groan because only one person text messages me and every time it’s the same thing.

“The game, call me” It said.

Oh crap, I think and call my friend Nature.  I determine she didn’t make me loose the game so i called her thinking she called me from this random 216 number which apparently was in Cleveland. She didn’t.

So I called the number and here is the response of this:

Lady: LaToya is that you? You better get your ass down here, the game’s about to start.

Me: LaToya doesn’t have this phone number. Oh and by the way, if you play, you made me loose the game.

Lady: Hello? Latoya? Lady, I don’t know what game you’re talking about!

Me: Lady, latoya doesn’t have this number!

I hang up.

A minute later I get this text message: Come on man, anthony is on his way and he is hott!

I sigh, and save it because at this point, it’s just a running joke in my head. This lady keeps thinking she’s calling LaToya, and I don’t know why. She just keeps on….

So a minute later I get another phone call.

Me: Hello?

Lady: LaToya, you better get over here.

Me: Lady, latoya doesn’t have this phone number, my name is martha…

Lady: Wait, you’re a white chick?

Me: (deadpan) Yes. And Latoya doesn’t have this number, she’s not even here.

Lady: Latoya wait, i’ll have to call you back.

I sigh. She said she’d call me back.

I get this text message: Are you going to call me or what cuz the game just started and youre missing the first half.

I have been saving these. (The text messages are actual transcriptions-the phone conversations are paraphrazing.) i’m at a loss at this point, I don’t know what I’m going to do. Finally, in exasperation, I wrote a text message: Again latoya does not have this number you keep calling 614 — —. Stop!

So the last communciation from her was: Ohhhh im sorry i meant to put a 1 instead of a 0.

She finally got it. And I chuckled to myself. How could she keep calling the same number? I figure at one point she would have realized what number she was calling. You would think.




One response

27 07 2009

That’s an awesome story!!! I got this call on my cell once, and it was some teenaged girl, and when I asked her who she was and who she was trying to call, she answered “Bitch! I’m callin’ YOU!”

She was SO RUDE.

It took several minutes, and eventually handing the phone to my sister to get it through this girl’s head that she wasn’t calling who she thought she was calling.


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