Calling all Pagans in the Central Ohio Area!

11 07 2009

If you’re pagan in the Central Ohio area or are open to such then you are welcome to my Yahoo group. Pagans in the Parks. It’s using the metro parks as a neutral meeting ground for different groups of Pagans.

I mean there’s Tinderbox Ohio. Not a bad group, but a lot of people haven’t heard of them. There’s Columbus moot. The Witches and Pagan Meetup group. The Small groups that are around Psyche.

We are family and children friendly. Children are treated with respect.

Right now it’s just meetups. Getting together to hang out, get a feel for the rest of the community. I’m trying to bring diverse groups back together again. I normally am a Drama free person and I am trying to create a Drama Free environment.  Where we meet will be a drama free zone. We are an open minded set of people, we can deal with being open minded to the groups of people coming together.




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