Religulus/ Jesus Camp

8 07 2009

First off… Bill Maher is funny, I haven’t watched his show (no cable) but I did see the movie Religulus.

Now, I want to mention, that I have also seen Ben Stein’s documentary “Expelled” which also raises some other points, but I mention this only because it is a standing point for a lot of this argument.

A lot of the point that he was mentioning, is not disproving religion, but showing us how religion is the basis of some rather scary shit in our world. The middle east, especially Jerusalem is a battle ground of Moslems and Jews and Christians all vying for the same religious spots. And they’re bickering because nobody has the history right.

Religion as a whole, gives a sense of “We’re right, you’re wrong.” Since this is religious morale, “We’re right, we’re holy, and going to heaven, you’re wrong, your evil and going to hell.” All the holy books mention the abolishment of evil. Knowing that these people are in power, and hold the secret launch codes to enough nukes to destroy the world THREE TIMES. It should make you wet your pants and hide in a fallout shelter for the rest of your life.

Everybody’s been a scapegoat in the religious “We’re Right, We’re Holy, Your Wrong Your Evil” game. Jews in WWII, Christians with the Romans, jews and the moslems. And you realize, these people don’t care. THey think it’ll all get justified in some glorious end.

I propose this theory to them:

What if there is no afterlife?

Think about it. What if, when we die there is nothing? All these wars, and all these religions talking about an afterlife in some kind of respite sound supid. Because they’re more worried about an afterlife than worrying about the state of life now.

And if you’re worried about revelations. THat’ll be by our own hands. Not some merciful/jealous/loving god or whatever.

You may close your eyes to this post, you may stick your fingers in your ears and say “lalala” like some kid who’s hearing something he doesn’t want to. These are the facts. Either own up to them, or be destroyed by them.

As far as his interviews, there were several times that he would either get a barrage of stuff back without letting him talk, or they would say, “I don’t know what your documentary is about, but if it’s about how my religion is wrong then this interview is over!” They would completely shut down.

As far as Jesus Camp? Oh that was scary. They send these kids into what I can only call a trance frenzy. THose who writhe on the ground, those who speak in tongues (there was some of that- done by kids as old as five), that’s what I call a trance frenzy. It’s where they are not in their normal state of mind and yet instead of being blissed out, they just loose control. In children this is called a tantrum. And they get these kids into these states and fill their head with religious garbage.

Like sending your kid out onto the street with pamplets like at the end of the movie. That is both dangerous and stupid. WHo’s going to take bible tracts from a child, and second, who knows what you’re sending your kids out to. Especially since that looked like it was DC. Good god people are stupid.

I mean, placing duct tape over a kids mouth that says “LIFE”. OOOK. Even if some of their parents are there, it’s still very very wrong. They’re children. LET THEM BE CHILDREN not some cause.

I’m going to do what my mom did with me and Nate, if I ever have kids. I’ll let them go on with being a kid, but if they have those questions, I’ll answer them to the best of my knowlege. And if I don’t know the answer to soemthing, I’ll let them know that I don’t know. That’s what was cool about mom. SHe didn’t make up things, if she didn’t know about something, she would say that she didn’t know.

Kids are suseptible to everything. I watched the pat buchanon show or some evangelical thing on TV when I was about three. (This is according to a story my mom told me.) She said that when my grandma wasn’t feeling well, I walked up to her and said that as long as grandma put it in the hands of god it would be taken care of.  It was that point in the story mom chuckled and said that I had been watching a lot of that stuff on TV, and that he said that a lot to people that would walk up to him on crutches.

Mom also mentioned (And they politely don’t show this on either show) is that on one of the evangical tv shows, mom said that they would collect money, and they had a triangle on the floor. They would then say that any money that fell into the triangle would be used for charity. And they rigged it so that way most of the money would fall out of the triangle.  Mom would always chuckle that it was because of that she stopped watching those shows.

Now imagine a constant barrage of that stuff on a daily basis. Sometimes live in action. Without public school. And now you have the Jesus Camp kids who scare the bejesus out of me (no pun intended) because these kids will be next in the future. At three years old, what do I know about putting things in gods hands? I am just parroting a tv show. I remember at four getting praise for memorizing the pizza hut song. (895-1111… ROFL)

All in all. Religion is doomed, let children be children and let them figure it out on their own, and as long as we give religious nuts the nuclear toys we can be assured of MAD. As far as I’m concerned. But there are level heads out there, some are religous, some are not.




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