Meh. The world will recover.

7 07 2009

So, I guess it’s my turn to weigh in on this whole Michael Jackson thing.

To start off, I grew up in the Thriller Era. I remember sitting in my second grade class watching this for halloween. (laughing that my teacher had a teeshirt that said-this is my costume!) That was also the same year that we memorized the “There’ll allways be a christmas” and sang it to everyone and my grandma and I learned the lyrics to Save the best for last.

Never really cared for him much, but I still loved Thriller. It’s probably still the best halloween music ever. What good halloween soundtrack doesn’t have a variation on it in it?

I honestly thought all of it was just stupid. Never have I seen a celebrity really dig themselves into a hole and just keep digging. Even when they thought they were getting out they were just digging deeper into depravity, I could never take him seriously. After the free willy soundtrack, I really did just want him to go away.

I’m not as sad about his passing as others are. It’s like the passing of an era. Although I am tired of hearing his name everywhere. And the guy is creepy looking as hell.




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