Seeing Random Flashes

30 06 2009

Okay, I see a lot of people coming here because they typed “Seeing random flashes” in their computer search engine of choice. I’m not that kind of web site.

First off, lets define a random flash. Now I could see it as being a random flash of nakedness, a random flash of light, or a random flash video. For the first one, no not even that covers it. for the second, that’s either a condition of a stroke or some other thing entirely. for the third? I don’t do flash videos, never will.

I have gotten a lot of ‘flylady is weird’ searches too. Now, I’m not knocking a legitimate way of organizing, i just don’t have the time in the day to do what she’s saying. Definitely in that time frame.

There are other random searches but I can’t remember them, mainly those are the fly-by-night kind that I see once in a blue moon, these two are the biggest draw.




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