ComFest day 2

29 06 2009

Clothes needed to be washed, so I didn’t get to ComFest until later in the evening, but it was still a blast!

I remember walking around, finding a random drum circle and becoming one with that, becoming one with everyone that was in that circle. Taking still pictures of the guy with firey sticks nearby. I got one okay shot out of it. The fire turned out awesome, the rest of the picture did not. I need to figure out (using my camera) how to make everything still, but make the fire move…

Here’s the pic:


Another example:


Right after these pics, I started running out of room on my SD card only to realize that I had my laptop with me and could have easliy just dumped them on here and had a fresh SD card.

Probably THE best night scene I’ve done so far (That’s from Park Street looking at the Cap on High Street):





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