Day 6

22 06 2009

This is day six of this shit. Oh it’s irritating. I hate it. I hate it with a passion. I’m pratically choking on this shit. Oh I feel like I’m dying.

I did however, find out that according to Web MD it’s a cold. LOL. I thought, sinus infection, bacterial infection, etc. I’ve never had a cold this phlemmy!

so, I have been addicted to the Sims, one of the reasons why I wasn’t posting, that and a panic about the party (where NOBODY came to look AT the apartment) although I got sunburnt and it was fun. Tie-dye will be tomorrow with nature instead of at the party (it was HOT for once, damnit!)

I couldn’t breathe at the party at all. It was driving me nuts.

Oh and alec, if you are reading this… *cough* *cough*




2 responses

23 06 2009

Have you played The Sims 3 yet? I am considering buying a copy.

Thomas 🙂

23 06 2009

from what i understand, sims3 is like sims2 with all the expansion sets.

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