LIfe in general, life in more.

13 06 2009

As we get closer to July, everything is crazy.

Tomorrow, I’m going to my Aunts, swim in the pool, and eat food. I’m going to work on my apartment (scrubbing floors, laundry, dishes). I can’t believe that everything is happening. It’s kinda cool.  I’m going to decorate the tree in the backyard and that will be awesome.

I’m going to give my dad his DVD for his birthday (it’s a good one, I just thought of it) but maybe he won’t get it until AFTER fathers day. I know he doesn’t check my blog yet (I think he forgets it half the time) so what I’m doing is this:

I’m taking a bunch of pictures of us, from when I was younger, all the way up to when I’m adult, set it to music, and in sequence and call it To Dad, With Love or something. I know just now the music’s going to be Butterfly Kisses of course, and dance with my father. And maybe a little bit of “in the living years” at the end. It’s going to be awesome. And sappy. I do sappy well.




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