Current Events

11 06 2009

So, there’s a reason I don’t focus on current events. I want a place where I can be open to everything that’s going on that’s not sad and depressing.

When I look at the news it’s easy to see that the world is falling apart. Eight years or more of negligence of this has only caused the sore to seep through. From major car companies, the backbone of our society since the 1900’s are crumbling to dust before our eyes. The dollar is depreciating as everything is declining. The cost of living is going up, and the job fairs which normally saw only a few hundred are seeing three thousand people. Those of us with jobs are holding onto them with death grips, and still having problems getting ends to meet. Our children are getting more and more distant from us, and most are getting a hard education when parents in the 90’s would give children their every wish are not able to do such. Programs such as music and sports are getting cut at schools all across the country in an alarming rate.

This is why I focus outward. I try to remember despite all that, despite everything, the world still revolves around the sun. The planets are still revolving slowly in their own orbits, that flowers still bloom, that rains come, and dissapear. I try to remember these things despite the fact that it seems that it will never get better.

Because things are good now, too. The rain pattering on the pavement outside my apartment was once part of the ocean, and that’s amazing to think about. Every time it rains I touch the ocean. I think to myself about how the clouds can hold the rain, it’s amazing. And lightening, where static electricity between clouds. The fresh smell of the rain.

I might not have a lot of money, for god, who does? But there’s a world out there. I’m going to experience it. Wanna come? It’s slower than our hectic life, so it can wait for you to catch up. That world changes, but it changes in a good way.

Come join me.




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