June 2009 gallery hop review

9 06 2009

Me and consistency don’t last very long…. LOL

I have forgotten most of my own summer tips, so when I went to Gallery Hop (hiding my car in my secret hiding spot)  I was exceedingly thirsty. I went to at least a few galleries. There was ROY G. BIV that was intriguing because they had a huge stack of magazines. I had no idea what the hell that was about except they went into some kind of something. Then they had these mounds of newspaper rolled into shapes that looked vaguely like newspaper coral. I looked at those thinking a cool project would be to take old newsprint and make cranes out of it.

I would then donate it to the columbus dispatch. LOL

As I was walking up high street, I was being cavorted by a small hoarde of zombies! They were singing ‘always look on the bright side of life’ from Life of Brian. I joined in for a few verses and got high-fived.

I didn’t go to many other galleries this week. I was pretty much rushed as I had gotten there around 7:30 and so it was about eight when I was walking around. The people watching was good however. Which is the other reason I go. I miss The Coffee Table though, as that was the PRIME spot for people watching.

I was going to take video and picture but it seems that my camera had a malfunction somehow.  It took freshly powered batteries and reduced them to nothing in seconds I mean literally seconds. Either that or the batteries are going to hell.

I just enjoyed myself. There was a concert at Nokia Futon, that I sat for a minute. They had tea and I was a little exhausted. I had been walking around folding cranes and just people watching and was thirsty so I stopped. She wasn’t bad though, this girl, too bad I didn’t catch her name though, I would have bought a cd (she was that good). She kept forgetting her place or forgetting her chords, but some people are great live, and some aren’t.

I then left from there up to Cup O’ Joe. Everything was closing.

There’s this small gallery off to the side, I went to them because I had gone there with Astrid last month and a few people there that apparently worked there, were talking about getting a cat. I told them about all the rescues that were looking for help and she wrote down a few of the places.

However, there wasn’t anyone in there. Sure there were people looking at art, but most of the other people were missing. How odd.

I sat down near Cup O’ Joe, gallery hop was coming to a close. I folded more cranes and watched CD101 tear down their ez up. I watched a few kids aparently from the zombie walk make up a dance to this one song they were playing and folded more cranes.

I might try that ice cream place later. That place sounds good. well, if there is a line going all the way around the building, I would assume so. There’s a line going all the way around the building sometimes and it’s not gallery hop. I think they might be bottling crack in it, or something like that.  I wouldnt’ want to start a dependancy on it though, but it did look kinda nummy.




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