Tooting my own Blogging Horn…

7 06 2009

As far as blogging goes, I’ve been doing pretty good, there are days nobody comes and visits this thing, and then some days are noteworthy, like yesterday when I had four people come to my blog (they weren’t me, they don’t log my own views…)

Woo a whole four people actually cared enough to at least click on it, realize it’s not the right link, and hit the back button on (insert search engine here) apparently looking up SBC issues, and looking up randomflashes and things like that have pulled up my blog.

This is my busy month. I think you deserve my imput on different summery happenings that are going on, so why not? The laptop can come with me to every major event (it went with me to Gallery Hop last night, for example.) this summer, and possibly to a few other things.

I think it’d be fun and informative.

We’ll start off with the June Gallery Hop…




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