A slight rant, about carpet…

2 06 2009

Carpet. I hate carpet. You have no idea how much I hate carpet. When I have all the rooms except the bathroom and kitchen in carpet, It drives me nuts. Why must all apartments be carpeted? Would it not be easier to have hardwood/tile floor then just buff it out and reapply the wax coating?

I hate carept.

I love hardwood floors. I’d much rather have that than carpet. Carpet is just. UGH. It’s a pain in the ass is what it is.

And why must apartment carpet be white? why is that? is it some law that apartments must have all white/off white carpet in the building. I hate the stuff.

That’s why if I ever want a house, it’d better have freaking hardwood floors. If it has carpet, I’ll have friends and family help pull it up. Then i’ll rent a sander, sand it down, prime it, and wax it and go on with that. I sure as hell am not going to have carpet anywhere in this theoretical house. I’ll have accent rugs, but no freaking carpet!




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