Senbazuru, and a panic.

27 05 2009

If you haven’t heard from me in a while it’s because one of two things.

They are coming in to our apartments to change the filters on the air conditioners. I have been FRANTICALLY cleaning the apartment since 7:00 last night trying to get it in tip top shape for the maintanence department to come through. Oh boy do they talk in this building. Thank gods it’s not as bad as others , though.

Amazingly enough, I got a lot done in that small time frame. I cleaned the livingroom last night, and it looked good, a little shabby (I hadn’t gone and vacuumed or swept, just picked up everything.) but I did that tonight.

I have a bitchy kitten who needs to go potty. Oh well, I’ll get that later.

Either way, the other reason why I’ve been so busy is that I have been making a Senbazuru. I am folding 1,000 paper cranes and then this first batch is a donation (I think that the wish should go to something positive in the world before focusing on me. Especially since I might ship it to Hiroshima.

The second Senbazuru that I”m doing is going to be for a wish for myself, or my family or friends or all three at once.

I have gotten so into the habit of folding cranes at work that I got another ‘occurance’ at work, and within seconds it became a folded crane. It’s my little mascot. LOL My friend Tammy saw it and goes, “I Just got one the other day, can you fold it for me?” And so I made her one. Now I have a feeling there will be more of them. There’ll be thousands of yellow paper cranes floating around the call center.




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