Hell Hath Frozen Overith

23 05 2009

I found out the other day, that Silver fluffybunny Ravenwolf has written a book supposedly using the theories of Quantum physics. For those who know me, and a few who don’t and those getting to reaquaint themselves with me. I’m a big physics geek. Especially quantum physics. It’s so bloody facinating to me.

Either way, I really can’t wait to see what she writes, mainly because I’ve already read the first 15 pages (the intro) and it’s just as bad as I think. She has a great voice, dont’ get me wrong, a strong voice in writing is invaluable, the way she uses it is laughable.  For someone that grew up and lives in Rural Penn it’s hard to hear that voice on such an accent anway.

But I really can’t wait. HEE…




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