Oh, MarCon, How I forget thee!

22 05 2009

Okay, I’ve decided, being an adult sucks. I have so much responsibilities, I forget how to play.

I would love to go to MarCon this year but I worked today and tomorrow. Oh well. I’ll just put it on the calendar for next year, with a big red warning bell somewhere around april that I need to request time off. I keep forgetting about it, and when it comes upon me someone mentions they’re going and lightbulbs go off.

I may not be the most organized person, time as a concrete notion of “what time is it?” throws me off at every turn.

Good news, I do have ComFest off, and I’ll be trying my damnedest to get that saturday off so I can go cavorting around goodale park. That at least I can do. Maybe I’m not as big of a geek as I thought. *Sigh* But I will try it for next year.




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