The Epic Battle with SBC, Pt. 4

18 05 2009

So the RWB was the last straw. I was tired of dealing with SBC. But what are you going to do when they are the only one who offers land line service? There’s Verizon but they only service 740 not 614. There was a plethora of cable deals, but they’re all well into the hundreds of dollars a month. I don’t get THAT much money a month. Still don’t really. I could get a cell phone but that was costly as well.

I moved into a better apartment, if only by location. The building is nice, the layout is a little messed up. I was mad to find out that my DSL is only available in a 768/128 package. which is SUPPOSED to be 14.99 a month. Then my fancy, no frills, no long distance, no caller id, no call waiting, no answering serivce, was supposed to be only 14.99 as well. What I could NOT figure out was how I was being billed 50$ a month? aparently my phone service had some kind of hidden charges that they charged me 24 dollars for, and charged me for a 1.5/768 dsl line. 

A few weeks ago, I wanted to pay my bill. It was after hours, I’m sitting at my friends house because they’ve turned off my connection again. I went through voice prompt through voice prompt only to get to be told call back during normal business hours. I knew they had an automated bill pay but apparently it also worked only 9-5.

After that, I gave up. I shredded my sbc bill, and went to get a REVOL phone the next day.

Did I menion, I have better service?




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