The Epic Battle with SBC Pt. 2

18 05 2009

Saving a bit of the drama with cats for later, I will only talk about the guy upstairs.

When I first moved in there was a couple that lived upstairs. The walls are so paper thin I could hear them talking. So I knew that they broke up before they moved out.

The man who moved in, lived alone with his two cats. The first time I met him Barb, my neighbor across the hall was talking to me and he came down the stairs and started talking, and never shut up. Barb’s a talker herself so I said my parting ways and they kept talking.

I tried to stay away from all of them. But they were all like leeches that wanted to talk and to see what’s going on and talk about everything and every one. I tried to keep my personal life out of it, but that might have been part of my demise.

Either way, the dude was seriously creepy. He would talk to me sometimes and he’d get this far away look in his eyes and just stop talking. He would forget and I’d find that time to quickly dissapear and go somewhere else. Preferrably inside my own apartment.

I guess he got to hating me and Barb and the lady upstairs. I don’t know why, but I didn’t think nothing of it.

That is until the day I noticed I had no phone service. Barb doesn’t use a land line, so I went over and knocked on her apartment to borrow the phone.

There were three problems from the bat:

1. I’m talking on a cellphone and not the number the dsl/phone service is on. so I have to go and explain a few times that no, this is not the phone number the phone service is on.

2. it was a friday.

3. it was a friday before a monday holiday

So I had to wait until tuesday to get a tech out to fix the line.

The tech came out. I said hello, and he looked around for the source of the problem. I went over to a friends house, came back and there were police involved. Creepy dude above me was talking to the place. His eyes were glazed over and was talking to the police about something. I couldn’t make out what.

Barb was in the hallway I walked up to her and asked what was going on.

Apparently, the creepy guy upstairs had gotten mad at someone. He had been talking to her and I about how they would share a line at some apartment or something. Either way, he cut our phone lines. CUT THEM. I told you about the scarily accessible NID? That’s the reason why I brought it up. ANYONE can go in there, and decide they want phone service, jimmy the works and pirate someone’s number.

Meanwhile I’m trying to run DSL on this.

The last straw with SBC came before I moved, it was pretty much the last incident with SBC, until recent events.




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