Oh, Hai, Sorry!

18 05 2009

Long time no hear!

I’ve been kind of busy so pull up a chair, get comfy, grab a cup (or gallon depending on who you are) of coffee or delectible drink of choice.

Did I mention that it’s hard to type with a kitten on your hands? No? Well it is. I was in the middle of a youtube marathon when the kitten “accidentally” hit the power button in just a way that it started the shutdown sequence. Which gave her ample time from me, in udder disgust, try and put the kitten on the floor and simultaneously hit the power button. Which gave her enough time to curl up on my chest and continue to look cute, purr, and meow at me softly when I’m not paying 100% attention to her.

Astrid’s spoiled, allright?

Both Bella and Butters are getting fat. I have started them on a diet where they only get fed twice a day. On top of that, I have started training all three of them. Butters will sit on command now, and target. Bella will target. Astrid will stare at me as if I’m stupid then go shred the carpet I have in the bedroom that apparently now belongs to them.

I have discovered a good thing about flea markets. Bargains. It is a crafters dream there. I have found an awesome bead lady. She’s the cheapest I’ve seen in a long time. She’s got yards of this stuff everywhere. I LOVE IT!

I love finding a bargain, or that unique item that some idiot is selling for cheap if only because they don’t know the true market value of said item.

In other news, I have sucessfully cleaned my bedroom to the point it is a sucessful little place I can get dressed, and go to bed. The bathroom is getting to a nice place I can go and the cats can go. And the kitchen. I thought the kitchen would be hardest but it is right up there. It’s getting there, there’s hot spots in each I really need to work on, but it’s done for the most part. I’m feeling pretty good about myself.

I think a lot of this comes from the fact that I have cut back my internet dependancy. Yes, I still get online, but not as much. Whomever DEFAULT is in my building I would gladly shake their hand for having an unsecured wireless connection.

What happened to my internet? A few of you are asking that question and I know. The reason why is because of an epic battle with SBC.




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