Breaking Dawn of my Adult Years

21 03 2009

I feel old.

Now, mind you I’m 25. I’m nowhere near feeling old and ancient. But when you read young adult novels and you go to one of those ‘night premere’ things, you begin to feel a whole lot of old. And you feel older when you realize you aren’t reacting to a fandom like the way you used to.

When I was a girl. I was big into Titanic. I would memorize facts about the actual history, I would follow the stories of Kate and Leo and I would read everything. I had a notebook I kept all the fan stuff in. With Twilight, I’m like, so into it, but at the same time I think I have it also from a writer’s POV as well.

Yes, I am a twilight fan. I love vampire stories. To the point that when I was a kid I wanted to BE one, but that’s another blog for another day. But with twilight, I liked the story, and I liked sitting and reading the story and about what was going on and it was fun. Terrible writing at times, but it was fun and engaging.

I think, me and my friend and possibly two of those annoying ‘cool’ parents were there and the only ones over the age of 20. Yeah, it was one of *those* things. I tried to be involved. Then I realized, I didn’t KNOW enough about the books to be completely obsessed and involved as these kids were.

Then we went to wal-mart where there were adults as old as us, but there were more teens and tweens bobbing around.

My street at this point where I live is pretty much school street. There’s a middle school starting it off, a high school, a parochial elementary (K-8) and high school, and a regular elementary school off of maize. It’s nuts to navigate here around 7-9 in the morning and 2-4 in the afternoons. I work well within those perameters though. Friday nights in fall is NUTS.

I guess, I really am growing up. I was watching kids come out of school, I realized it was 2:30 then I thought the middle school must’ve let out early, then I realized those were high school teenagers and I just was dumbfounded.

But I digress. I do.




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