The Pretty Comfy Cult…

19 02 2009

So here, I sit it’s a frigging cold 17º outside, and what shall I do? Turned up the heat and joined the Pretty Comfy Cult.

I am actually dressed in a snuggie.

Now before you say it’s a robe backwards. It’s fleece, I have yet to see a fleece robe. I have also yet to see a completely square robe with arm holes (Although they do have pockets.) and it would be better if I could wrap the entire thing around me… UBER comfort. I’m about to take my regular fleece blankie and cut arms holes in it and sew it up so I’m trapped inside uber warmth. These are about a queen sized blankie. That one’s a king sized. 😀

I digress.

it does look like a cult robe except worn backwards, and I wouldn’t be caught dead doing something, like say, watching obama’s thingie dressed in this thing, but it is nice for blogging on my computer and staying warm.

The secret is out, as apparently people are going over there now. I have a new blog,

The Spob files/The adventures of Spob.

It’s supposed to be a picture blog but right now my sd card reader is on the fritz so It’s currently on hiatus until I can get a new one or hunt down microcenter for one that fits my camera.

The birds have been chirping up a storm. I would have pics, and again, broken SD card reader so it’s out of the picture for right now. NO pun intended. Okay, maybe a little.

Honestly I hate columbus in febuary. It can’t decide to be either warm or cold, and it jumps to 40 one moment and down to 17 the next. I would rather have it stay around 40 and fluxuate between that and 70 ALL THE TIME but then what about the other seasons?

I’ve been thinking about my life lately. I get into these moods were the only thing that can seemingly save me from boredom is going into my own escapist reality (This is one of the reasons I write, so I can share those  moments with people). But I’ve been trying not to do that, mainly because it’s determental to my well-being, really. I become so submerged in these obsessions it’s hard to get out of them.  I found a coping mechanism that helps, plus doing things to ease the boredom helps and i”ve been working on that.

Life is weird, is it not?




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