Spob, work, un-creative people, and a surprize…

24 01 2009

Today was one of those days at work, where I wanted to tear out my brain and set it down for a while and pick it up after work. It was mind-numingly boring. It was slow and they didn’t even have the tenacity until 30 minutes until my shift was almost over to ask if I could go home.

If you don’t know already, my friend Kelli makes these little plush monsters that are absolutely adorable, all of them. And the backstories she makes, just makes them that much more interesting.  (Btw, you can check it out here: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5800255 )

I adopted Spob who came with me to work.

Blah, I’ll finish this later, I’m tired.

2:30 PM

I have this long sleeved tee-shirt which has a pocket. I wear it a lot, actually because it’s so comfy to wear. I love it really. It’s a hand me down of a hand me down so I’m it’s third owner.

On the front was a pocket, so when I’d get out of my chair (which wasn’t often, maybe lunch and my two breaks) I would carry him in my pocket. I got a few comments, mostly from people giving me odd looks. Mostly with the thought that I’m 25 and here I am with this stuffed thing at work.

It wasn’t like I was TALKING to Spob, well, except in my head I was. They just couldn’t believe that someone at the age of 25 would have that kind of fun instead of just talking with people.

Amazingly, when I had Harold the Duck with me they didn’t have a problem with Harold sitting on my desk. I would even sometimes make comments to Harold and nobody said anything. As if plastic were different than felt.

Either way, Spob had fun, and I didn’t get any pictures because I really need to find all my rechargeable batteries and put them on the charger. So that way I can charge them and use the camera. OF course, I might go get some duracell until then. 😀 Because I have something creative in mind involving Spob.

But I won’t tell…




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