Obama Day/Inaguration Day

20 01 2009

Today was a mark in history. I was able to watch it with dear friends and do other things. Holy cow it’s 7. I didn’t realize that! Time flies when you’re hanging out with friends.

It was iconic, watching him stumble and stutter over the words that have become ritualized as meaning in our culture. it’s so amazing to hear a president that knows how to talk, and knows that to tell us what we need to do. He was compared with previous presidents. Especially Roosevelt and a few other notables.  Obama, he may not be perfect, his record with certain members of clergy aside, he has enough that seems to work.

And for once, americans actually have something to hope for.

Today,  I had so many plans. There were things that we were going to do that didn’t get done. *sigh* But whatever. Today was a historical day, it doesn’t count.

I’ll see you later.

Oh, and Alec, or Ash if  you see this:


Perfect World addicts. They tried to get me into it and I was fine at first and then it got more complicated so I was screwed.




One response

8 02 2009

Batch! see I do read these once and awhile. This was a good day !

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