Music and parts of my own weirdness.

17 01 2009

I wonder about most of the people that say they like music. I don’t know if they see music as I do. Actually a lot of people don’t see music as I do.

I get an emotional jolt from it, a feeling deep inside someplace. I noticed it all seems to be about the same kind of music (Not nessisarily by genre) but it’s a kind of music. 

I also study the lyrics of a song, because that’s what I focus on first. It’s the thin line I see that I follow (and it changes colors depending on who it is singing).  If it’s a song I have heard several times, it’s like going hiking down a familliar hill, you know all the trees (the base and music in the background) and you know the hills and valleys of every single song.

If I were to pass on analogy and get down to the simplicity. It’s like looking at a thin line ahead of me that I’m following. Plus the different shapes and colors from the different instruments.

Depending on the music, I can feel hot, I can feel cold. I don’t like much heavy metal or hard, rough rock because it literally makes my head hurt because it gets into my head with the sound and ouch!   And some cell phone rings tickle.

This makes for learning a song easy for me. I can just follow the ‘path’ a song has and I’m good. Same with drumming. It’s the same thing. I just follow the ‘path’ of a beat.

This is why my music tastes are ecclectic as they are. I like the messages some songs carry, despite whatever genre it is, rap, r+b, rock, soft rock, classical, jazz. (Smooth jazz and classical piano makes me feel clean. Which is why I listen to it while either cleaning or taking a shower. )

I know that it’s synesthesia.  I was talking about that my letters are also in color-although that apparently is just an associated trait, I don’t actually SEE the letters in color, i just know what color they are.  They explained it to me and when I read about it, I suddenly understood this phenomenon with music.




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