Sweet, or Savory?

13 01 2009

I wake up in the morning, my mouth dry. Should I have orange juice? Should I have the pop I left out overnight now a vicious luke warm liquid that’s mostly syrup, or stimulating coffee.

Realizing I have no coffee maker, and therefore no coffee I resign myself to the luke warm un-fizzy pop from the night before and some pizza crumbs left at the bottom of the box.

I normally go out to Speedway, and possibly get a doughnut and some of their uber awesome coffee, but today, I was broke.

I think about when I go out, the same ultimate question bothers me. Do I want something sweet, like pancakes or whatever is on the menue like that, or do I want something that’s flavorful and bold, like an omelet.

When going out for breakfast, these questions astound me and I will spend a good time hovering over the menu, eyebrows furrowed, looking through pages and pages of descriptions. And again it comes down to, do I want something like pancakes or eggs.

Thinking upon it now, when the decision of what to have for breakfast is hours away, it does come down to the same question. Maybe it’s not sweet and/or savory insomuch as either eggs or pancakes.




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