The holidays, and how cool Moms are…

25 12 2008

The holidays between halloween and valentines day are my favorite of all.  With halloween I get to cosplay and feed that dark and weird part of myself that people don’t see very often. Then comes NaNo where I churn out my yearly novel. Toward the end there is Thanksgiving where I get to eat and hang out with family with an eye toward Christmas, seeped with my own thanksgiving traditions I hope to pass to my family if I ever have one.

Then Christmas comes. I spend time with mom as I have since I was born, and we hang out, she usually gives me food to eat and stuff for around the house and the kichen as she loves getting that stuff (like, I got a much needed rolling pin that I didn’t have yesterday. *rolleyes*) Then I spend the rest of christmas with my dad’s side of the family where the whole family goes nuts and hangs out and does stuff together, we eat food and pie and hand out presents and talk about things we miss.

Sadly, every year I forget my camera at home.

My mom is not only cool for having my interests down pat, but she’s really good at being my Mom. She knows me better than I know myself.  And I can see myself from my mom’s point of view, and I think about it and think about the little kid that used to be me. Then she tells me this interesting stuff from her point of view and I see it and understand a dimensionality from another perspective.

When I was a kid, I was socially awkward. Always had been.  I lived across the street from the school. Oh how I hated and loathed that school. (I went down the street and I feel like I had been abducted by aliens, they renovated the school AND my mom’s house apparently, although the garage is still there. :D)  They would pick on me something terrible there, to the point it was a daily occurance to cry or try NOT to cry. Some of the kids actually lost my glasses in a field. Mom and I searched it for an hour and a half to no avail. I just remember going home and feeling terrible and half-blind because my eyesight was absolutely appalling at that age. Then they did it again.

Then tonight my mom told the story from her point of view. She said how apparently she had gone over to that school and actually talked to the Principal telling them that if they didn’t do something about these kids loosing these very expensive glasses.  She even said she would get them into an assembly and tell them about it. 

My mom seems to be the most brave person I know.  People told her that due to the neighborhood we grew up in, Nathan (My brother) would end up in a gang and I’d be some unwed teenage mother. She raised us kids alone,  waitressing for a living. And she made it. Nathan graduated with honors and I graduated from high school.

Mom said she always knew how to find us. Not because we told her but she knew us. Of course she knew us, she didn’t leave us alone long enough. We would talk and we would do things together as a family, not as an organized thing. But I mean like, we’d hang out while going out on errands (going out with mom on errand day was a day of hanging out with her while she did things like groceries and paying bills, and going to the bank with a chance of maybe getting McDonalds).  Sometimes we’d watch movies together.




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