OMG coughing up a lung

5 12 2008

One of the primary reasons for why I haven’t cleaned in a while is sounding like I’ve been either working in a coal mine or sounding like it’s late summer and ragweed season.

I am SUFFERING from dah allergies from hell right now.


I do have a clean livingroom. Maybe not ORGANIZED, but clean. I can see the floor at least. And I can feel at ease in this space. That’s good. Tomorrow will be sorting out the stuff that belongs in other parts of my apartment and finding places for the stuff I have now in this space. Then finding where I’m going to put everything else.

Then I’m doing the kitchen next. Which includes organizing all those shelves. And organizing help from someone to put up my copper. Unless I put them in this one spot… Oh nevermind They’re going in that one spot. It’s easier for me to reach anyway. I got another one of my signs up.

Yeah, I got my work ahead of me, I know. But it will be REWARDING when it is done!




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