Lessons on how I should pay attention to synchronicity….

5 12 2008

I’ve been having one of those weird moments. Where I define my goals and then find that there are things aligned that will help me make my goals come true.

Like for example, I defined the Big, Fun, Scary Adventure of 2008 for myself in simplicity. I had been trying to do so much all at once last year that it overdid it and I burned out long before Febuary.

It also seems that for once I’m finding that by focusing on these small things instead of trying to force an entire life change, this is causing me to be receptive to everything around me.

I have defined one such goal for this year is geting myself published in print. Not just online in the abyss of bad writing known as both blogging and also on associated content (which should be associated non-content for what it’s worth) but also in printed media. I’ve been wanting to get there but stopping for a long while. I eternally edit and sometimes I don’t even get that far.  I’ve churned out a novel a year since I was in high school, and none of it is anywhere near editable.

Mostly because I don’t know where to begin. And yet I have found out that Taylor, someone I’ve known for a while. He’s got some kind of telephonic class type thing. It’s supposed to be interesting nevertheless, I liked his classes at the RWB at least. Plus the information I get will be invaluable.




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